Liese Prettia Dark Chocolate Review

9:05:00 AM

Hello Monday!

Today post is about hair. I just recolored my hair using Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color in Dark Chocolate.

I mixed the liquid in bottle 1 & 2 then after rinse it off use the hair treatment (no.3).
The no.4 is the instruction but I can't read it because it's in Japanese :(
All of them are in the box no.5..

So, I've try so many brand of hair dye, and this is my most favorite! Why?
1. It's so easy to apply, all you need is watch the video below

2. It's so easy to rinse off. I ever tried other brand bubble hair color and it was kinda hard to rinse off. It made my hair so dr. The cream hair color is so much harder to rinse off. I have to rinse off more than 2 times to make sure that my hair is clean.

3. The result was so amazing, the color is evenly perfectly! 

1. My roots before
2. My hair during the coloring process
3. My hair before
4. My hair after

I super recommend this Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color! Buy it at JapanKorea Shop.

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